Silicon Tape Applicator


Specially designed STA for application of silicon tape on cardboard boxes mainly used in e-commerce business. Our STA comes with a controlling system over a touch panel, easy to set up and compatible to be mounted on any MPFG.

Features & Specifications

Silicone tape applicator

  • Silicone tape applicator with Omron servo drive and Omron PLC control
  • Controlled via 8” touch panel
  • Tape width min. 15 mm / max. 60 mm
  • Maximum 5 tape segments at one pass
  • Applicator holder for high stability and precision movement by Z and Y axis
  • Min. tape length 75mm
  • Tape jam control with automatic feeder stop

Air blower

  • Air blower for each of silicone tape applicator for better tape adhesion
  • Controlled via HMI interface
  • Pneumatic components with independent pressure adjustment

Tape presence control

  • Control of tape presence in bunker and silicone tape applicator
  • Automatically feeder stop when silicone tape is not detected
  • Advantage of minimizing spoilage products
  • Sensor for detecting the silicone tape on the cardboard

AHM holder for silicone tape applicator

  • Holder with high stability and better hotmelt quality
  • Strengthening for side rods with universal clamp for 20 – 30 mm rods
  • Precision movement by Z – axis (up and down)
  • Precision movement by X – axis
  • Angle movement around Y – axis
  • Adjustable down holder
  • Lower support for cardboard

View it in action

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