We all shop, that’s for sure. Many of us also sell products, either in an actual store or online, or we have our own private retail business. In order to deliver our products, we usually use cardboard boxes because they offer strength and durability. This entails lots and lots of packaging and sealing of those packages. If your business is successful, that means a lot of wasted hours just preparing the packages to be delivered or transported. Instead of having to put up with all the extra work of taping all the individual packages, why don’t use a machine to do it for you? And by machine, we don’t mean just any machine. Here at AHM, we want to make things easier for both sellers and buyers, both senders and recipients. We wish to simplify the process of sealing and opening of your cardboard packages, and that’s exactly what we do.

By this stage, you will probably ask : how ? This is how it goes: we have created a taping machine called Inter-HST, which can be used for sealing and taping all kinds of packages. The machine’s width, which can be custom made, determines the maximum cardboard format and tape application size.

The speed of our machine ranges from minimum 20 meters per minute to the maximum speed of incredible 200 meters per minute. Of course, the speed depends on things such as the quality,dimensions and shape of the cardboard. In other words, the better the cardboard, the faster the taping process.The speed is also determined by other details, including the type of corrugated flute, the flatness of the material, tear tape application, size,shape and grammage of the box blank – you get the idea.

With the length of 6,175 meters and weight of around 4,5 tonnes, our standard machine, Inter-HST 165, is capable of processing cardboard format width anywhere between the minimum of 80 millimeters (8 centimeters) and maximum 1.650 mm (1,65 m). That’s just to give you a taste of what our machine has to offer. The Inter-HST also comes equipped with numerous other features and options that include:

  • Feeder with AC drive or servo drive
  • Dual line design
  • Envelope solution
  • Teartape applicator coupled with a pneumatic actuator or servo head drive
  • Control of tape presence in bunker and applicators
  • Numerous hotmelt options
  • Pusher for high stability glue application
  • Various special tools
  • Original instructions
  • Online support for electronic hardware and software
What else is there? To find out, feel free to look around our website or contact us with any inquiries – we’ll be more than happy to help.

Machine Design
  • Open design allows operator to move within the machine
  • Safety during production process is ensured with light barriers
  • Possible configuration on wheels for easier movement of machine in production hall
Feeder: Perfect aligment is ensured with feeder high flexibilty and various feeding options
  • Feed belts easy adjustment to the left and right
  • Feed belt angle adjusment for most demanding products
  • Dual feed gates with angle adjusment
  • Extendable linear guide bar suppport for larger cartons
  • Possible configuration with Servo motor for better feeding perfromance and independent adjustment

Side register section : Perfect carton alignment for perfect hotmelt and tape quality

  • Double side register section with belts
  • Precise adjsument with angled rollers for various material thickness
  • Standard size 1200mm and optional customizable size

Delivery Conveyor : Small, light and flexible

  • Length 2000 mm and optional customizable
  • Straight or 90o installation
  • Spray element counter and programabille packages counter
  • Two pneumatic gates for better alignment on conveyor

Application section

  • Open design for easy set up of silicone tape applicator, teartape applicator and hotmelt glue
  • Moving applicators from left to right side (and opposite) with linear guides
  • Additional drive for teartape applicators for better teartape quality

Teartape section

  • Pneumatic teartape applicaton speed up to 15.000 psc/h
  • Tape rupture control
  • Optional teartape with Servo drive for better tape quaility


  • Hotmelt melting unit (with gear pumps) controled on inter hst HMI
  • Hotmelt head controled on inter hst HMI
  • Pneumatic pusher for optimal counter pressure and perfect hotmelt quality

Envelope solution: Folding and gluing envelope-like boxes

  • Adittional pneumatic hotmelt unit for gluing
  • Upgradable folding modul for application section

Control system

  • Specially designed so that the operator has insight and can control the entire work process of the machine
  • Memorable working settings

Processed materials

  • Carton boards: max 800 g/m2
  • Corrugated Flute type: G,F,E,D,B,C,A,BC,AB,EE,BE


  • Speed: 20 to 200 m/min
  • Thickness of folded box: max 40 mm
  • Blank width: 200 mm to 1650 mm

Box sizes examples

  • Download PDF

Dimension and weight

  • Length: 6.2m
  • Width: 2.4m
  • Height: 2.45 m
  • Net weight: 5 t


  • Electrical connect load: 16 kW, 400 VAC
  • Compressed Air: 6 bar
  • Air compressor capacity: 500 l/min