Through continuous improvement of production processes, additional training of our employees, implementing ideas from production facilities, new product development, product testing, we aspire to satisfy costumers needs and through all of it grow and develop into recognizable manufacturers in the cardboard machine industry.


Our vision is that with innovative ideas and applying new technologies we create industry trends of cardboard packaging. With the motto “you can do everything if you want to” we will prove that the most courageous visions can come true.


Our mission is to develop products which will be recognized in the international market of cardboard industry. We want to increase customer satisfaction by listening and responding to their needs.

About us

The company AHM D.O.O. was founded in June 2013. AHM is specialized in overhauling, modernizing and repairing multi-point folder gluer machines and equipment. As a second core business field, AHM offers designing and manufacturing machines and components for folding and gluing cardboard

Each workday at AHM D.O.O. means that yet another page is turned, and a new chapter about innovation, dedication and commitment is written.